What It Takes To Become The Professional SEO Consultant

Search engine optimization is a very lucrative business online because few understand how it works effectively. Also known as “SEO,” search engine optimization is a way that sites are able to drive organic traffic at minimum costs. The old days of throwing advertising dollars at the problem and hoping it would work itself out are no longer relevant. Today, companies use professional consultants to measure the success of their efforts and to improve their overall ratings in a specific niche area. If you feel that you have what it takes to become one of these consultants, you can make a lot of money aiding site owners in the development of their web pages. Here’s how to start:

SEO Writing

Learning the ropes through SEO writing can give you special insight into how content should be structured in order to be effective. Most of the experts agree that one exact occurrence of the keyword in question every 75-100 words is sufficient to get your piece noticed. That means if you have a 400-word article that you would like to optimize, you shouldn’t use the specific keyword phrases more than 5 times in the entirety of the piece. This practice helps you to avoid the black hat tactic of stuffing that so many engines blacklist websites for. While you do not have to be a professional SEO writer in order to become a professional SEO consultant, you do need to understand this aspect of the business.


Making sure that each post, whether it is text, image, video, or audio, has accompanying tags that are relevant to what is presented therein is something else that you should understand to become a professional consultant. Audience members need to know what they are getting ahead of time, and the more relevant tags that your content has, the better.

Search Engine Submission

Professional SEO consultants must know how to work within the search engine system. They must be able to submit websites and web pages to specifications and ensure that proper procedures are followed.

Business Acumen

The last thing that a SEO consultant needs to be considered a professional is business acumen. You must know where to find clients, how to approach them, and how to deliver the results that you promise. You must also be organized in how you handle billing and customer service. Startup capital helps so you can more easily and effectively delegate, but if you do not have some knowledge in each of these areas, you will have a very difficult time producing the results that sites are looking for. And without results that businesses are looking for, it will be very hard to maintain the success and integrity of your business over the long haul.